Terms & Conditions

Codeworx Ltd provide some services via 3rd party solution providers. To this end, Codeworx Ltd cannot be held responsible for any service interruption that may be due to the failure of services provided via the 3rd party.

These services include web hosting, email provision, cloud backup, antivirus and remote support. Codeworx Ltd will, to the best of their ability, handle any customer complaints and forward them to the relevant service provider and provide customer feedback on any updates we may receive in due course.

When required to work on computer where data is at risk, where possible that data shall be retained. See Customer’s responsibilities below.

We advise all customers to have a current backup of all their files before handing over the device for repair as the integrity of data held on the device cannot be guaranteed. See Customer’s responsibility below.

Codeworx Ltd shall not be held responsible for financial losses or consequential losses due to the loss of customer data.


Under no circumstances shall the Codeworx Ltd be responsible for any indirect, incidental, or consequential damages even if it has been advised of the risk of such damages.

Codeworx Ltd are not responsible for the condition of any hard drive before or after data recovery service has been conducted.


All repairs carry risk. Electronic devices are complex as are the repairs. There is always an element of risk that a device will fail during testing or repair or develop other non-related or indirect faults. We will always try to work with you in the rare case that this does happen, but our maximum liability will always be limited to the amount that you have paid to us for the repair or diagnostic. When booking your device in for repair these terms are deemed accepted by you.

Customer’s Responsibility

  • i) Responsibility – It is your responsibility to backup all existing data, software, and programs. Codeworx Ltd are not responsible for loss, recovery, reinstallation, or corruption or alteration of data, programs or loss of use of equipment that could occur from services provided by Codeworx Ltd. You represent that your product does not contain illegal files or data.
  • ii) Data – Prior to any repair or upgrade service that is conducted on your machine please ensure you have backed up your data somewhere safe. Data may be lost during repairs and Codeworx Ltd specifically note that it may not be possible to recover your data. I understand that data loss may occur, and I wish to proceed with the repair. I am entirely responsible for backing up my data, and Codeworx Ltd are not liable for the loss of, damage to or corruption of my data. Codeworx Ltd are also not liable for any costs incurred to recover my data.