Do you need to display your iPhone or iPad in portrait mode on an external display. Unfortunately Apple TV does not support such a feature and will always display your content in landscape or traditional TV orientation. Apple TV also requires connection to a router to provide Wifi for Screen Mirroring to work.

Introducing MirrorBox.

MirrorBox is a self contained device that is also a WiFi access point and screen mirroring device and allows full rotational control of your display for any iOS device in a single small package. 

MirrorBox acts as a WiFi access point to the internet* and allows you to mirror your iOS device to any screen in any orientation via HDMI input to the screen whilst browsing the internet. Alternatively you can continue to use your mobile network for external content.

Using a simple user interface, you can configure the device orientation, audio output and Wifi password.

iPhone X
Normal Landscape Orientation
Portrait Orientation

The images below have been taken from a 27″ Portrait display.

The images below show the actual display of an iPhone 8 on a 27″ rotating Samsung screen.

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*Requires the ethernet port to be connected to a suitable router with internet connectivity.