iPatrolCloud is a mobile application that can by utilised in a number of industries for security patrols, asset tracking, maintenance tracking and more.

Utilising Android or iOS mobile devices tags are captured in the field, factory or plant and uploaded to our cloud servers or your local servers.

Traditional methods of collecting this information has involved using expensive wands or readers and employing iButton or RFID tags at each relevant location. These wands and readers then have to be docked in a charging base to allow the data to be dowloaded to a host computer.


iPatrolCloud uses QR codes printed onto standard credit card style plastic cards. The information is scanned and stored on the mobile device ready for uploading immediately or can be stored and uploaded in bulk. This is particularly useful if the mobile signal is poor in the location. Events can also be associated with the tag reading so for example a security tour might encounter a broken window or unlocked door and these events can be recorded alongside the tag data. The tag descriptions and event books are totally customisable.


A desktop application is used to configure the tags, security patrols and assets. The desktop application is then used to create reports from the uploaded mobile tag data.


The mobile application uses the devices camera to capture the QR codes and confirms the captured QR information on screen.



The desktop application is also designed to work with DigiTool security patrol wands and compatible docking stations.