FRS (Field Reporting System)




FRS is a product developed from the ground up to meet the needs of field reporting.

FRS has a number of features allowing data to be collected in the field and uploaded to a web portal in real time.

Data collected can then be verified before the engineer leaves site.

FRS will run on Windows Mobile, Android and iOS devices and has the following features:-

Collect job specific data and check lists.

Take photographs and video.

Collect signatures.

Upload data live from site.

Backend office staff can check the data before the engineer leaves site.

All data can be made visible to your customers if required. Each customer will have their own login.



Above is a sample of the web portal for data verification.

Jobs are listed in realtime as they are uploaded to the system.


Data is transmitted over Wifi, 3G or 4G mobile connections.



Data is managed from the web end and updates downloaded the the mobile device.

The benefits to FRS are:-

Reduction in return visits to site.

Photographs of proof of work done.

Signature sign off as proof of delivery.

Video capture of work done.

Client to customer data sharing enabling your customers to see the jobs as they are completed.